Innovative and passionate Rehabiliation

Bringing the families that we serve from a place of darkness to a place of hope

Who We Are

A therapy centre of excellence where children with Cerebral Palsy (and other neurological impairments) from disadvantaged communities, who cannot afford to pay for it, can come for comprehensive treatment. 

Khethiwe also serves as a place to come home to, a safe haven for mothers and families to learn the skills they need to support their children in the best possible way.

We embrace the belief that all children have the right to reach their maximum potential whatever that may be, in a secure and loving Christian environment.

What We Do


— We Build Family

In order for us to be successful at what we do we need to be a team with the parents. We strive to build a Khethiwe Family at all times and to make our base: Kusasa House, a home from home for them.


— We Empower Families

Our lifestyle based model, which focusses on skills transference, has a profound impact on the clients we serve, their families and their communities. We empower the families with the knowledge that they are the ones who can most help their children.


— We Provide Rehabilitation

Khethiwe’s primary aim is to offer rehabilitation, of excellence following the Neurodevelopmental therapy (NDT) approach. The emphasis is on the mothers being empowered to help their children so that the therapist takes on the role of the teacher/facilitator.


— We Serve

Khethiwe fills a gap by serving as “primary care providers” in terms of helping families to thrive despite the many challenges faced living in a poorly resourced environment with children with disabilities. Our services are free of charge for those who cannot afford to pay for it.


— We Reach Out

We have a three branch Outreach strategy serving our clients and also other children with disabilities in the broader surrounding and encompassing community collaboration.


— We Network

We network extensively with other organisations governmental, hospitals and NGO’s building up a sustainable network of resources

Mums Stories: Journeys from a Place of Darkness to a Place of Hope

Mum of a profoundly disabled little boy of three who takes it in turns
with his father to bring him so he can come twice a month

I was so depressed I hardly wanted to go on living. No one else could handle my child and I didn’t know what to do, before I came to Khethiwe.
And look at me now, I am happy and I can even teach other mums what to do and how to cope.

A mother of a 14 year old who is profoundly autistic and physically disabled

First I would like to explain what does this word Khethiwe mean?
It means chosen.

About Khethiwe I would like to mention a few things which helped me overcome. This place has become my second home. When I started at Khethiwe I couldn’t understand much about my child, then I met someone who works there. She taught me how to understand my child better than how I did.