Home Visits

Khethiwe does home visits to the homes of the Khethiwe children in the community. Family Home Visiting is an effective, evidence-based strategy for improving outcomes for children through parental support and early intervention (Olds, 1998)

Visits are done to:

  • Assess the terrain and infrastructure in terms of getting to the home
  • Assess the terrain immediately around the home in terms of mobility for the child and family and to be aware of any dangers in getting out and about
  • Discover what support there is for the child as well as for the mother. This includes acertaining what the mother’s role is within the family
  • Encourage the families, meet the extended family and asses the coping and the support that exists.
  • Deliver equipment: The majority of our children have either a standing frame or a positioning chair which is big and awkward for the family to transport on public transport
  • Maintain or improve compliance. Families are immensely grateful for the visits and it has a positive effect on motivation

Because the distances are often long, only two visits are routinely done on a day, in the same general area.

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