These Are the Heroes with the Passion to Transform Their Communities

How Can You Help


Volunteer to meet a specific need. We have opportunities for young people who are interested in working with disability to do voluntary work as well as relevant health professionals.


Make a financial contribution or help sponsor a specific thing, be it some equipment or an event like the Christmas Party. We have had many donations of knitted goods which are great for our kiddies who struggle to thermoregulate.

Help Make Things

There is a huge amount of work involved in our outreach to the Care Centres. We have lots of cutting out, pasting, drawing and painting work to be done

Join work parties

Please join our work parties which happen every now and then. These have been varied from sanding and repainting equipment to making equipment to gardening. We appreciate all the help we can get!

Our Partners


Ubuntu Community Chest has been one of our supporters for four years now. It is very reassuring to have an annual grant from them. We have also benefitted enormously from their audit and training programs.

— University of Kwazulu-Natal Department of Speech Language Pathology

UKZN Every year final year Speech Therapy Students do a rotation through Khethiwe as part of their Community block. Their input has really helped them and us have a more wholistic approach to rehab.

— South Africa Riding for the Disabled Association | Durban

SARDA: We have taken small groups of kiddies riding since 2013. The riding is hugely beneficial to our kids and we are so grateful for all their love and commitment to  keep riding  free for us.

— Interface KZN – Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Interface: Have an Outreach program at Khethiwe to set up AAC and provide lo-tech communication devices for children to use at home.


Timion is an organisation in the Eastern Cape who make wonderful low cost equipment for children with CP. They provide us with all our home equipment at a subsidized rate and are one of our regular sponsors.

— Umhlanga 155 Round Table

Round Table: We were the Regional Natal North  Coast Project in 2014/15 and then an Austrian International Project in 2016-18. The Round Table has always been a huge supporter of Khethiwe.